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Get a Dyslexia Evaluation

Book a personalized evaluation by a certified professional for $625. Less than traditional evaluations and could be free*

$625 $890

Evaluation Process

These are the steps we take following a purchase and booking 


Matching and Screening 🗺

We will schedule an introductory screening call to gather basic information and match you or your student with a professional dyslexia evaluation specialist. 


Meet via Web Cam 👩‍💻 

Your Dyslexia Pal clinician will meet with you and your child to work through a series of reading and literacy tasks and tests via a video call and internet connection.

The entire evaluation takes about 90 minutes.


Get a Report & Diagnosis 📋

This 8-10 page report includes evaluation results, a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The report can be used at school for accommodations like extra time on school tests.


Follow Up Consultation 👩‍🏫

Your Dyslexia Pal clinician will discuss results and answer your questions in a 30-minute follow-up consultation.

Recommendations will be made for what to do next and possible treatment options. Options include ongoing tutoring. 

Read our FAQs about the Dyslexia Pal Evaluation

- A 90-minute evaluation that we ask parents to observe so that they can better understand their child’s challenges.
- A comprehensive, written diagnostic report that can be shared with schools to potentially help your child get accommodations like extra time on tests.
- A 30-minute follow-up consultation with the therapist to review the evaluation report, discuss your questions and help you decide how best to help your child.
- The personalized, one-on-one attention of an expert therapist trained in current research-based approaches including the world-renowned Structured Literacy (Orton-Gillingham) Approach.
- The proprietary Lexercise assessment battery that includes both traditional and cutting-edge evaluation tools.

Our evaluation is personalized, convenient and costs less than other evaluations at $625 for children and adults.  

The free screener is a fast, preliminary tool to identify if there may be a heightened risk of dyslexia for a child, but it does not produce a definitive diagnosis. On the other hand, the Full Evaluation can give a formal diagnosis. The findings are detailed in a 6-8 page report. The Full Evaluation is conducted by a professional clinician with deep experience working with individuals who have language processing differences.

- A computer with broadband Internet (Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, etc.). A tablet or iPad is not sufficient.
- A microphone (your computer probably already has one built in)
- A webcam (your computer probably already has one built in)

Payment is made with credit/debit card at the time we schedule your appointment. You can also use a health savings account (HSA) or Flex card.

Many parents expect public schools to provide their struggling readers and writers with timely evaluation and therapy, and these parents often delay getting their kids the help they need until the school acts. Unfortunately, this “wait and hope” approach is rarely effective and has a costly impact on children:

- Good teachers often miss dyslexia.
- Navigating the public school bureaucracy to secure special attention often takes months or years. Meanwhile, children are falling further behind during the critical early-education period.
- Most schools are under-staffed and ill-equipped to administer a complete language processing evaluation.
- Even if you are able to get your child designated for special education, he or she will typically be taught in a group of children with widely ranging learning challenges, making targeted and specific treatment for dyslexia unlikely.
- Federal guidelines allow for schools to wait 90 days from request for testing until action is taken. That’s almost ⅓ of a school year–a long time to wait while the child is feeling like a failure and experiencing shame.



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